EquiTube Bandage Liner (pair)

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Select 6.25 cms for up to 9" bone measurement or 6.75 cms for over 9" measurement.

EquiTube™ Bandage Liners are a double thickness tube that can be used under stable or travel bandages. Ideal for show and competition preparation as the even pressure will help to keep the leg hairs smooth and will help reduce the cosmetic imprint marks that can be created by bandaging.

EquiTube will provide light tissue support for the lower leg. Within the cylindrical fabric tube are covered elastic threads, which will adjust to the contours of the underlying anatomy and distribute circumferential pressure evenly over the skin surface.

Apply using a good quality plastic bag over the horse's hoof to prevent dirt or debris being trapped between the product and the horse's skin. We advise having the stitched edge at the bottom. Pull the product high up over the knee or hock and smooth the hairs down. Then slide the EquiTube back in to position and bandage over the top as normal.

EquiTube is washable and reuseable. Hand wash at 40c. 

Available in Black or Ecru


The Purchaser accepts full responsibility for the safe fit and proper use of EquiTube.


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