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Laura Tomlinson

Olympic and International Dressage Rider

“I think EquiSox are a brilliant invention. We really like the design and consistency of pressure that EquiSox offer - so we use them daily as a protocol after exercise, instead of icing, plus overnight. EquiSox are also ideal to use on wet legs (for example after the water treadmill).
The Coolmax material wicks away moisture whilst maintaining the cool temperature of the leg. EquiSox certainly help to keep our horses legs in great shape.”

Billy Twomey

Olympic and International Show Jumper

“I have been using EquiSox on all my top horses for the last twelve months and have been delighted with the results. I was impressed with the extent of elite sports medicine knowledge, research, technology and testing that went in to developing this innovative performance product. EquiSox when applied, ensure uniform pressure to the underlying tendons and ligaments and the simplicity of application means I can entrust all my staff with the product. We have had great success in applying EquiSox after icing, cooling or cold hosing to preserve the leg profile and create a defined level of compression. They assist me in maintaining and managing the lower limbs of all my performance horses. The product is fully breathable and works great at keeping legs cool in warm weather.”

Louisa Milne Home

 International Event Rider

"King Eider has completed 6 CCI4* since I started using EquiSox in the Spring of 2013 and I am a massive fan! They have totally changed the way we manage our horses while they are travelling and after competitions."

"We use ice boots immediately after the Cross Country phase and then all our horses go straight into their EquiSox. We no longer use clay after XC as the EquiSox provide the ideal level of compression and keep the legs cool and profiled. Plus we can very quickly check and treat any lumps or bumps that may have been incurred. Because EquiSox give an even compression it is great to know that they can be put on by any member of our team and there won’t be any pressure points." "One of my favourite things about EquiSox is how good they are to travel the horses in. Being based in Scotland usually involves a minimum of 12 hours travelling south to Events for our horses - King Eider has already travelled over 100 hours just to compete this season. So we now use EquiSox under their travel boots to and from Events and our horses always come off the lorry with cool, fresh legs."

Lauren Shannon

International Event Rider
“I have had EquiSox fitted for all the horses on my yard after having huge success using them on my top event horses. I love that anyone can put the socks on, eliminating the risk of injury through bandaging, whilst still giving the horse’s legs the support they need.
"My horse’s legs are all looking and feeling great after competitions from use of the socks and I love that my horse’s legs stay cooler for longer after their cold treatments too! In fact, EquiSox are so good at keeping my horse’s legs cool that I now travel all my horses in them.
They don’t slip or rub underneath travel boots, and I have peace of mind knowing that I am giving my horses support all the time.”
Click to watch a video on how EquiSox have helped Lauren Shannon.

Zoe Gibson

Natural Cross Country Rider

“The tremendous versatility of the EquiSox prove their worth in many different spheres – I am using them almost daily on all 4 of my horses for reducing inflammation in limbs, wicking moisture away from legs that have been washed off after hunting and putting over a poultice to keep it in place. They are very quick and easy to put on and it is great to know that there is even pressure on the limb and not the inconsistent pressure that is applied through bandaging.
There is a big saving on bandage rolling time too, which I can see would be useful in a large yard.”

Clare Bell

 Cottesmore Hunt Secretary

“With the progression in Sports Therapy, it seems obvious that equine athletes should have equipment that offers the same level of technical knowledge that we humans have access to. You can be assured with EquiSox that every pair offers the optimum level of support for your horse’s legs. They have been developed, designed and tested by experts who are
committed to providing the best possible care for our horses and work tirelessly with us - while we pursue our pleasure.”

Ilka Gansera-Leveque MRCVS

Newmarket Equine Vet and Race Horse Trainer

“Just what I wanted for my horses”

Rebecca Crosbie-Starling

 International Event and Show Rider

“EquiSox - equine compression socks have become a daily essential for my yard for every horse both showing and eventing. They have huge benefits to the horses whilst being lightweight and comfortable for them to wear 24 hours a day without the risk of pressure points that a bandage may cause. Windgalls and fluid build ups are reduced and my yard is full of extremely happy horses.“
“EquiSox are definitely a revolution!

      Helen Hubert - Owner of Kloie

I just wanted to email to say how impressed I am with EquiSox. I have had my mare for five years now and she has suffered with fluid on her hind legs all this time. This would leave her coming out her stable stiff and she was clearly uncomfortable for the farrier/picking her hind feet out. The fluid always cleared after some exercise but she doesn't react well to much turnout so is unfortunately stood in her stable quite a lot where she is happier, but this doesn't reallty help the fluid issue. A friend of mine got me some Equisox for Christmas - i had no idea these existed and i have just ordered a second zipped pair. They are fantastic and my mare clearly feels so much better as shes no longer stiff at all. I'll admit i was very skeptical about them working - as were other people at the yard but we cannot believe the difference. 
The farrier today commented on how much more co-operative she was having her back feet done, he had not heard of Equisox either but was impressed with them. 
16 February 2016

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