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Billy Twomey - International Show Jumper
I have worked with Rhiannon over the last three years, after fracturing my spine following spinal surgery. Initially within 3 weeks of intense hydrotherapy, deep water running and some chiropractic treatment I was back competing and on the podium. I now recognise the difference it makes to have consistent treatment and how it benefits both me and my horses. 
Rhiannon is used to working at the highest levels with International sports teams and top ten individuals, often using unique methods that ensure they peak for competition but also prevent repetition of injury. I have really appreciated this mixed modality approach and there is often something new in her treatment tool kit that as equestrians we can all benefit from.
Lauren Shannon - International Event Rider
"I have found chiropractic treatment with Dr Rhiannon Jones has helped me as a rider and athlete throughout my career, allowing me to recover quickly from injury and keeping me aligned so that I can perform to the best of my ability on a horse.
I regularly have Kinesio Tape applied after chiropractic treatment to aid my alignment and as support for specific areas of the body and I find it particularly useful to help me maintain strength after a fall. The Omega Laser has also been vital in both mine and my horses' recovery from injury, reducing healing time and allowing me to continue to aim at our most important competitions.
With the use of these specific treatments, and using them in conjunction with one another I am able to perform to the best of my ability, and keep at the top level of my sport."  


Billy Twomey - International Show Jumper

"During my spinal rehabilitation I often had Sports Tape applied to my back to help me maintain my postural awareness - but to achieve the correct tension, tape has to be professionally applied. So my rehab specialist designed me an elastic support brace that I could use when I felt I required a postural boost!

After two years of refinement , testing, trialling different elastics, tensions and designs I can now thoroughly recommend the EquiSports Performance Posture Trainer to anyone who rides." 



Senior Lecturer/Honorary Consultant
Obstetrician Academic Division of Obstetrics and Gynaecology 
Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

I am an amateur dressage rider, yet my job as an Obstetrician encourages asymmetry in my posture because of the position I have to sit in for scanning at work.
The Posture Trainer is an extremely simple but effective tool that encourages symmetry whilst in the saddle. I find it most effective in flat work lessons as it encourages me to think about my postural position, but it is also very useful any time you ride as it makes you really concentrate on your weight distribution and how you are sitting.
The gentle pressure the Posture Trainer applies when you sit badly is relieved immediately you correct – like any good schooling aid!



"As a professional jump jockey - JockeySox are now an invaluable part of my kit. I initially wore them after injuring my ankle as they were so much more effective than TubiGrip and they fitted brilliantly under my boots. I am aware that when I use them I don't get the heavy leg sensation towards the end of a race - I call them my magic socks. Winning formula! Thank you and well done for innovating a product with science to help riders perform." 

"I used the compression socks this weekend as I was doing a fair, so on my feet all day. I can't believe the difference they made, no tiredness, no swelling and no achy feet! Thank you :)"  
AW  Independent Sales Consultant

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