• EquiFlex QUICK VIEW EquiFlex from £9.99



    EquiFlex™ is a permanently elastic, lightweight, breathable, tubular stockinette bandage. It has a high stretch capacity so conforms easily to the underlying anatomy. EquiFlex can be used effectively under an EquiSox,...
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  • EquiTube - 5 metre roll QUICK VIEW EquiTube - 5 metre roll from £9.99

    EquiTube - 5 metre roll


    EquiTube™ will provide light tissue support. Within the cylindrical fabric tube are covered elastic threads, which will adjust to the contours of the underlying anatomy and distribute circumferential pressure evenly...
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  • EquiTube Bandage Liner (pair) QUICK VIEW EquiTube Bandage Liner (pair) £8.99

    EquiTube Bandage Liner (pair)


    Select 6.25 cms for up to 9" bone measurement or 6.75 cms for over 9" measurement. EquiTube™ Bandage Liners are a double thickness tube that can be used under stable...
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  • EquiTube Boot Liner (pair) QUICK VIEW EquiTube Boot Liner (pair) £5.99

    EquiTube Boot Liner (pair)


    Select 6.25cms for up to 9" bone measurement or 6.75 cms for over 9" measurement. EquiTube™ Boot Liners are a single thickness finished product used to protect against chafing when...
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  • Front EquiSox - Zipped QUICK VIEW Front EquiSox - Zipped £75.00

    Front EquiSox - Zipped


    EquiSox™ are a unique equine compression sock designed to optimise post-performance recovery, utilising elite sports medicine science and advanced technology normally applied to human sports and medical compression hosiery manufacture. Designed...
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  • Hind EquiSox  - Zipped QUICK VIEW Hind EquiSox - Zipped £75.00

    Hind EquiSox - Zipped


    NOT TO BE USED FOR EXERCISE OR TURN OUT. EquiSox are designed for when a horse is at rest, stabled or travelling. We recommend a maximum of 4-6 hours use....
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